The needs of every site and business is different. We work alongside you and the people on the forefront of your security to understand the concerns and diagnose the risks that you are facing. We have years of industry experience to draw from and we are able to mitigate seen and unforeseen threats.

Installation is done according to a strictly controlled project plan that takes into account the needs of the business and reduces the downtime. We work as a part of your team with seamless integration and within the allocated budget requirements.



Commissioning of a solution is a carefully monitored process that is finely tuned under comprehensive supervision until total satisfaction is met. The measures and controls that are put into place ensure that commissioning is done in a systematic and logical manner, with exceptional attention to detail.

Blacklight Consulting partners with our clients to maintain a high level of engagement at every stage of the process. We offer direct lines to support staff with quick turnaround times and efficient, friendly service etiquette. We endeavor, not only to maintain and support the systems we have placed, but the people involved in making sure the systems function optimally.

Support and Maintenance

Support services include:

  • Preventative Maintenance

    An on-demand service

  • Break Fix

    Call-out service

  • Vendor Interaction

    Equipment warranty administration

  • SysAid

    NEW service logging programme.

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Engineering and support is embedded in the culture of Blacklight. As such, Blacklight does not believe in allocating a sales person to manage and attend to your account but rather a specialized support engineer /Technical Account Manager (TAM) to respond to any issues or questions you have about your solution. This technician will take personal responsibility for walking you through each step of the project.


Blacklight will assist you with the flawless deployment of your proposed solutions, From, designing ,planning , installation , compliance and commissioning . We work for you as part of your delivery team and complement your services to deliver the project not only on time and on budget, but also without issues and hassles.


With a vast experience in deploying various size projects our project managers will help you coordinate logistics, clarify objectives, identify and mitigate risk, and deliver custom solutions to your unique environment. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach in our service offering.